Service Partnership Agreements and Metrics

Service Partnership Agreements

The key to Shared Services' successful relationship with our supported units is a solid understanding of expectations and clear requirements needed to deliver those expectations. This is made possible by Service Partnership Agreements (SPAs) that are negotiated and updated on an annual basis in collaboration with our clients. These agreements outline the specific elements of the Business Operations, HR, and IT services available in addition to party responsibilities, service definitions, and prioritization and response guidelines. These agreements are a means of communicating and building a true Shared Services partnership. Access our template SPA or unit-tailored SPAs below:

service partnership agreement template

Unit-Specific SPAs

Office of Senior VPFA SPA

Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration


Campus Services SPA

Print Services ♦ Transportation Services ♦ Vivian Olum Child Development Center



Safety and Risk Services



University of Oregon Police Department



Campus Planning and Facilities Management


Information Services SPA

Information Services


University Housing SPA

University Housing Security and Access

University HR SPA

University Human Resources




President's Portfolio SPA

Office of the President ♦ Board Secretary Office ♦ Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance (OICRC) ♦ Many Nations Longhouse ♦ Office of Internal Audit ♦ Ombuds Program ♦ UO Senate

Vice President and General Counsel SPA

Office of the General Counsel ♦ Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) ♦ Public Records ♦ Records Management



Client Satisfaction and Service Metrics

Clear service prioritization and response targets outlined in the SPAs provide an objective process for measuring service effectiveness. In-person client satisfaction surveys are conducted twice per year. 

Bi-Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary

Interviews Conducted
July 2023
Reporting Period
1/1/2023 – 6/30/2023
4.0 or Higher
This survey reflects part of our efforts to obtain and provide a transparent evaluation of our services to internal campus partners. These charts reflect a summary of the overall success of our client satisfaction survey and SPA metrics.
Conducted twice per year through various formats, this survey seeks to reach a diverse number of clients. Please direct questions to
overall client satisfaction current reporting period
overall client satisfaction by year
unit metrics