Human Resources

The mission of the Shared Services Human Resources group is to provide centralized service, offering our expertise in a wide variety of functions including acting as a liaison to University HR, staff and student recruitments, employee relations, workforce planning, training, and payroll administration. We are committed to providing superior customer service and creating partnerships with our customers to ensure their needs are fulfilled to the highest standards.


We provide start-to-finish recruitment services that range from new, vacant, and changes to current positions. We have dedicated Recruitment Specialists who act as our Search Advocates on every search committee. They provide training, development, and support for search committee members at all levels of expertise. We pride ourselves on engaging in best practices to ensure each recruitment includes outreach to a diverse set of potential candidates, is conducted fairly and efficiently, and is run with integrity.

Employee and Labor Relations

We are committed to promoting effective, fair, and professional relationships between employees and supervisors. This includes ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements and employment policies, training supervisors and managers on best practices in areas of performance management, discipline, grievance handling, and other ELR matters, consulting with supervisors and employees to address workplace climate concerns and build more productive supervisory relationships, providing guidance on performance management and discipline matters, and assisting with the employee grievance process.

Performance Management 

Our team is responsible for engaging in training, development, and assessment that help supervisors and employees understand and navigate performance management. This includes annual performance review announcements, best practices for giving timely feedback or criticism, and addressing gaps in expected performance.   

Position Description Review and Development 

We specialize in addressing ever-changing workforce needs across our broad portfolio. We strive to provide strategies and solutions so our clients may achieve their classification and compensation objectives in an effective, efficient, consistent, and equitable manner. This includes position description creation and/or review, workforce planning, reclassifications, assignment of additional duties, advisement and consultation with supervisors on reorganizations and compensation considerations.


Our payroll team is ready and eager to help with any request! We are dedicated to responding quickly and accurately to all payroll inquiries. FASS Payroll is currently rolling out the new UKG Ready Timekeeping and Leave Management system to all FASS-supported units. Learn more about the implementation and how this affects your department by clicking on the notice below.

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